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Malaysia Feng Shui Master , Feng Shui Master Malaysia , Feng Shui Consultant , Master Tham, The Genuine Masters with Proven Records. Our office address is located at No. 161, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak 谭師父有許多成功透明化的事實印証,有口皆碑保証. 請注意谭師父的每一個透明化的事實印証, 都和他的滿意顧客一起拍照.

NOTE: We would like to inform the public that there had been many people impersonating our website domain name and our master’s name; selling Thai amulets from Singapore or Johor, is strictly NOT related to us. Our official website is 谭師父通告公眾關於网站之事宜名字 (STANLEY THAM) 來自新加坡,出售泰國護符,完全地不與國際真實風水大師谭幅祥或谭权威师傅相關.  本公司電子网站 :

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The Leading Feng Shui Consultant with Genuine Proven Records of Successful Clients

3Successful Top Tyre Distributor, Mr. Kiu & Family
“Feng Shui Master Tham is not only an expert in Feng Shui which he helped me and my family enjoying blissful life. He also helped me to be recognized as being the top dealers in Malaysia , especially his truth expertise have helped me to build a large factory for the further development of my business. I have full trust In Master Tham’s feng shui and talismans. He is the Truth Master.”


44Mr. Cheng & Family
Just recently, we bump into Master Tham in One Utama coincidentally. My family and I engaged Grand Master Tham for his Feng Shui services more than ten (10) years ago. Before we consult Master Tham, my son’s health is always weak and he was warded several times in the hospital for sickness. My wife has too much to worry about and she suffered bad health as well. My eldest daughter on the other hand, was confirmed by a western specialist doctor and a Chinese Medicine Practitioner that she had a severe sickness and there are always disputes between my children. We could hardly find peace and harmony in the house. We were so disappointed with fake Feng Shui masters until we decide to engage Master Tham due to recommendations by a very close friend. After studying his profile of genuine testimonials, we immediately engaged him as our Feng Shui Master. And in so many years, my wife and I had to say that engaging Master Tham is one of the best decisions we had ever made. After consulting him, business started to go smoothly and it became highly successful. My son who is about at six years old suddenly became strong and very healthy. My daughter’s serious illness was fully recovered. All my children’s studies improved tremendously. There were no more quarrelling among my children. They became more loving and understanding with each other and there is peace and laughter in the house. Since everything is going well in my business and there is peace in the family, my wife is able to have a peace of mind and she is enjoying good health as well. My eldest child is now a child specialist doctor while my second daughter is now studying Pharmacy. My youngest son managed to secure a scholarship in Singapore to pursue his studies and he managed to rank first among his peers there. More importantly, my children are filial and I had a very happy and successful family. We are so happy to make the right choice by engaging Master Tham for his blessings as well as to remedy the Killing Qi in our house! As advised by Master Tham we should constantly contribute to society.


20Mr. & Mrs. Tang Yee Hoong & family, Businessman
“Saying it out by words without evidence is not sufficient. The same goes for feng shui masters. Master Tham is one good example. He is the most genuine and reliable master I have ever come across. His testimonials are not only by merely words, but fully supported by clients. They had taken photographs together, in which I have not seen any masters with strong testimonials like his. His feng shui knowledge is SUPERB!! My business has improved tremendously. My daily sales have increased and there is more and more demand from my customers each day. In the past I have suffered with deteriorating business and could not compete with others until I have respectfully seeked Master Tham advised. My relationship with my wife and children is wonderful. My children are doing well in their studies, especially my mischievous son. He was first in his class and he had become very hardworking. My daughter has furthered her studies in Singapore, majoring in Accounting. Our life is perfect now. Thank you Master Tham. Your feng shui skills are not only GOOD but FANSTASTIC!”


May Yoke & Family
“ Before I had met Master Tham, my family had gone through a lot of hardship. My son was semi-paralyzed in a car accident. In order to meet day ends and to pay for my son’s medical bills, I have to go to beauty saloons to offer massage earning 70% of the charges while my husband would be selling vegetables at the night market. We had gone through a difficult phase in our lives. However with Master Tham’s authentic genuine feng shui, our life has unexpectedly changed tremendously. We have moved to a large corner lot house, 10 times bigger than our old house. Our car porch could park 5 to 6 cars. We had employed 2 maids to attend my son as well as to do house chores. We had our own massage parlour and my customers are mostly from the upper class and they keep on recommending their family and friends to our massage parlour. You will never know how effective Master Tham’s feng shui is until you have experienced it. It could affect your whole life tremendously. That is why you should be careful in having a right choice for your feng shui master. Choosing a wrong master could destroy your life. Master Tham is the genuine master but very humble. With such a “truth” and good master, how would we forget to stop appreciate for all the good things for Master Tham which have done for us – My gratitude to him can never be expressed in thousands words.”
“在我未認識譚師傅之前,我的生活過得很艱辛,苦不堪言。我是靠按摩維生,丈 夫是一位菜販,入息有限。兒子在一宗交通意外,需要龐大的醫藥費動手術,因爲 沒有錢而拖延時間,導致兒子終生要依靠輪椅。由於要照顧殘障兒子的生活起居,我也進入直銷界,可以賺得一分錢是一分錢。後來,通過朋友介紹認識了譚師傅。我苦苦哀求譚師傅幫我勘查家居風水後,我的生命從此轉變了。我自己當了老闆,生意蒸蒸日上,風生水起,生意滔滔,並且請了幾位按摩師前來幫忙。此外,我住廉價屋變成搬入豪宅,駕小車變成大車,以及可以給予孩子一個舒適的環境下生活。我真的非常感謝譚師傅當日的一臂之力,謝謝!”

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NOTE: While Feng Shui is not related to religion, we provide an option for Buddhists to obtain effective and powerful amulets. There are certain Feng Shui cases where there had been strong Yin Energies that may invite unwanted spirits and things. In these special cases, we are also competent in the field of mysticism, using ancient Theravada Buddhism with Sanskrit practices to help our clients. Only a true and knowledgeable Feng Shui consultant would had encountered and able to handle cases like these. Nonetheless, we had many clients from other religions that engaged us as their Feng Shui consultants.

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