Reviews of Astrology Readings

There is no greater compass to guide through the Sea of Life other than Astrology.

What People Say About Us:-

“Master Tham Kuen Wei gives me a 95% accuracy on my life, personal relationship, problems and challenges. 5% is because the future has yet to come. This is probably the most accurate Master I had seen. Overall, this is excellent!” – Mr Hoo Keng Thiam, Singapore

“Very Accurate and Precise. Helpful indeed!” – David

“2 Words to describe Master Tham Kuen Wei; Good and Precise!” 

“Very Accurate” – Coco Li, Singapore

“Helpful, accurate, precise and friendly.” 

“Very interesting. Good to know the negatives early to keep that in mind.” 

“Extremely accurate and helpful” 

“Accurate, insightful and helpful” – Ms Pek Xue Lian, Singapore

“Accurate and super good service! I have unpleasant experience with Feng Shui masters before, but Master Tham Kuen Wei is SUPER ACCURATE!” 

“Correct and very thankful to Master Tham Kuen Wei” – Mr Tan Boon Luan, Singapore

“I give Master Tham 10 out of 10. Very sincere, very accurate and very well explained. Insightful and pleasant advise.” – Alvin Tan, Singapore

“Very sincere, detailed and accurate. Not like other masters who guess here and there.” – Jessie Goh, Singapore

“Friendly, Jovial and a joy to meet Master Tham” 

“Extremely satisfied” – Judy Lee

“Good fortune telling skills and informative!” – Joseph Poh, Singapore

“Very accurate! I will give 9 out of 10” – Ms Tung, Singapore

“Feedback to Master Tham Kuen Wei: very good astrology and good advise. I give him 98% out of 100%.” 

“99% out of 100%” – Mr Robert Kok

“Thank you Master Tham for the guidance on my life chart. 90% out of 100% very accurate!” 

“Master Tham is very helpful and gives good advise” – Wayne, Singapore

“Accurate and good! 90% out of 100%!!!” – Sim Siew Peng, Singapore

“Thank you Master Tham Kuen Wei! You are superb!”

“Good! 90% accurate out of so many issues!!!” – Mr Low Seow Tong

“Excellent Astrology I have ever seen. 90% accuracy, it seems as if Master Tham Kuen Wei had known me for 20 years! – Sally, Singapore

“Very accurate and good! I give Master Tham Kuen Wei 10 out of 10!” – Ms Kelly, Singapore

“Pretty accurate analysis. I give Master Tham Kuen Wei 90% out of 100%!” – Mr Yeo Kee Lin, Director, Singapore

“Accurate, informative and helpful!” – Adel Woon, Singapore

“I find Master Tham Kuen Wei very accurate and straight to the point!” – Kliff Ang, Singapore

Understand your character, relationship, pitfalls, strengths, weaknesses and other crucial things through Astrology and be surprised of how accurate we can be.

Master Tham Kuen Wei said “I am extremely grateful to my Master and Father who had given me the necessary training throughout all the years. I am glad that all my readings had been able to help and enlightened many others, to enhance their life and undertakings. I will follow Master Stanley Tham’s steps to continue to serve the public, and to uphold the highest level of professionalism and integrity.”

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