Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

Your bedroom is one of the most important area in your house. Getting enough sleep you’ll be feeling more energetic in everything you do and you’ll be more healthy, free from stress, gaining more success and wealth and having better relationship with your spouse. However, in order to have a good sleep you are required to have a good Feng Shui environment to have positive Qi in your room. In this year Feng Shui tips, Master Tham is pleased to share a few tips on getting a good Feng Shui for your bedroom.

1. Ensure that the path to your room is free from things so that you can walk freely. This will ensure good Qi in flowing in.

2. For the location and sector of your bedroom, please refer to our 9 Flying Star Chart.

3. Do not place too many things in your room. Make sure that your room is always tidy and let the sun shine into your room.

4. Avoid putting a lot of electrical appliances into your room because they will give out radiation that will be bad for your health.

5. Avoid putting statues, paintings or artworks of fierce creatures/animals that have sharp claws, horns or fangs as they will create bad Qi to the occupants of the room.

6. Avoid rooms with pipes and beam above your room or above your head. If there are pipes on your beam, cover them.

7. Make sure that your mattresses are in good condition. Change them if they’re old or at least, change a new bed sheet! You will receive new positive Qi for yourself.

8. Make sure that your bed doesn’t face the bathroom or toilet it will bring bad Qi to the occupants.

9. Avoid having corners of your walls, doors, cupboards or even dressing tables facing your bed. These corners will bring about killing Qi that will cause you to have health problems or sleeping disorders and bad luck.

10. Do not sleep under the beam of your room.

11. Remove all naked pictures in your room as these pictures will strain the relationship between you and your spouse.

12. Do not place plants with thorns in your room.

13. Make sure that your room is not situated under the staircase/toilets.

14. Do not position your bed underneath the air conditioner or lamps.

It should be noted that these tips are only general practice and will not encompass the maximization of effective Feng Shui. An effective Feng Shui must take into account a number of factors such as compatibility of life charts in relate to location, geographical Feng Shui features, environment and all these could only be done by a genuine Feng Shui expert on the site using a Luo Pan. Bad Chi needed to be avoided and good Chi needed to be absorbed.


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