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Fish pond had been a favorite tool for Feng Shui remedies all over the world. Many people would be wondering, are Fish Pond Feng Shui for real and are they effective? In genuine and effective feng shui theories, water features such as water fountains, ponds or pools are not determined by just locating it on the left or right without considering the full details of the geographical properties by a reliable and true feng shui master who posses deep knowledge in Feng Shui. Other things needed to be taken into consideration includes the household birth dates, landscapes, and surrounding areas before a correct spot is to be chosen fot the particular water location as it is very dangerous to choose a particular spot blindly.

International Feng Shui Grand Master Tham Fook Cheong stated that Fish Ponds that represents the element of water in many situations can be utilized for the benefits of the occupants if the situation is appropriate according to accurate and correct Feng Shui principles.

Water Ponds that had been supervised and guided by a reliable and good Feng Shui Master have the potential to bring good benefits such as good health, wealth, fame and even good luck to the occupants. However, if wrongly constructed or its construction aspects such as shape, width and length, depth, sector or location is against the fundamental theories of feng shui will result in very bad energy or Chi that comes along with it. Therefore, an experienced, true and reliable Feng Shui Master is needed to activate the Water Element and at the same time, evading the bad Chi. This is critical for the safety and benefit of the occupants.

When it comes to constructing a pond or a pool, do not take feng shui for granted.


Master Tham Fook Cheong supervising the progress of a gigantic pond.

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International Feng Shui Master Tham Fook Cheong investigating Feng Shui of a huge constructed Pond.

A lot of people had been building swimming pools, fish ponds or even water fountains without realizing the dangers that await them. Normally, they will have good luck and bad luck that happen at the same time, or at intervals. In a nutshell, their good luck and wealth goes up and down. In critical situations, good things start to happen at short time, followed by long periods of constant bad luck that might even lead to accidents and instant death without any warning. No matter how hardworking and effort you put in your undertakings, things will not go what you expected them to be.

In most situations, the most clever and highly potential son or the most beautiful and clever daughter in the family will suffer first, followed by their siblings. Problems will arise such as financial difficulties, family relationship problems, and sickness. Some people will then move out of the house and reside in other areas while some will continue to stay and suffer without realizing it.

Therefore, it is crucial to seek a true, reliable and genuine Feng Shui Master to study and geting advises before the construction of the pond or pool, otherwise, it is safest for the family that their surrounding buidling should be left alone without any water features. Master Stanley Tham can be contacted at the contact section of this blog.

Written by Kuen Wei
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