Malaysia Feng Shui Master in England





The name Chinatown has been used at a lot of places around the world. Chinese people had established Chinatowns all over the world. In London, the Chinatown is located in Gerrard Street, London City.
Chinatown of London is full of Chinese shops, built with unique Chinese architectures. There are a lot of delicious Chinese restaurants, souvenir shops, supermarkets, cafes, bakeries, and other businesses there. The town is always full of people and is a very lively city.
Thousands of Chinese group together at the Limehouse area of the East End of London during the 20th century. At the start of the 20th century, the Chinese population of London was concentrated in that area, setting up businesses which catered to the Chinese sailors who frequented in Docklands (South-East and North-East areas of London). As the Chinese community venture into new business opportunities, the city began to grow rapidly. The new Chinatown was formed in the 1970’s. There was a rapid growth in the development of Chinatown that time. A lot of Hong Kong citizens migrated to the town and they had opened a lot of new restaurants.
Like all other Chinatowns, London Chinatown has an Archway (Pai Fang) that holds the name of the town. It had become a Chinese custom where all Chinese villages and towns must have an Archway to be built in order to name the place, city or village of an area. Many people do not realize that the Archway is actually an important aspect of Feng Shui that will influence the development and progress of the town or city. Literally, the Archway (Pai Fang) determines the fate of the city or village. There is also a pair of Lion Statues made of stone that was placed behind the Archway (Pai Fang).
Master Tham said, ‘A good Archway with excellent Feng Shui features can bring prosperity and fame to the occupants of the particular village. However, if the Feng Shui is not good, the village will be full of very old people and very young children only. The young generation will migrate to other places.’ That is the reason why a true Feng Shui expert is needed to remedy and place the Archway of any certain city or village in order to prevent mishaps and bad luck.




After the inspection of the Archway’s peculiar Feng Shui, International Feng Shui Master Tham said that the Feng Shui of the Archway is very good. Many years ago, the England government pays Chinese people who settled down here to migrate back to the mainland of China but they refused. Instead, more and more people settle down at London Chinatown. More and more people from Vietnam, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Yunan had joined the residents of the city and turn it into a bustling city. Master Tham explains that this is due to the good Feng Shui of the Archway and location. During the Wesak Day in year 2007, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were all by dragon dancers as they visit London’s Chinatown. Charles and Camilla also visited Chinese bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants there. London Chinatown becomes more and more famous day by day. Thousands of people gathered to watch the different celebrations and festivals of the Chinese Community there every year and thus, making the city very lively. These are due to the Lively Chi that was converged towards the city by the Feng Shui of the Archway (Pai Fang). There are four special Feng Shui points that were highlighted by Master Tham regarding the Archway.

1) The direction the Archway (Pai Fang) is facing was built correctly and enough to bring good Feng Shui to the town. However, if the Archway is to be moved with a minor change of just 3 degrees, the Feng Shui will be even stronger. The height of the Archway is not tall enough. It is such a waste as if the height and facing direction of the Archway is to be changed correctly, London Chinatown will be even more famous and prosperous.

2) The Archway’s signboard has holes in the middle and sides of it that allows wind to pass through it. Ancient Chinese Archways are considered bad if there are holes at the middle of it. If the holes were sealed, the Feng Shui will be stronger and its effectiveness will be enhanced.

3) The Archway is not built of concrete. Although the current Archway is strong and steady, it should be made of concrete in order to secure the more powerful energies of Feng Shui. If it is made up of concrete, it will have a permanent resistance against wind and water and thus, helps to maintain its positive energy.

4) The most pitiful thing is, the two Lion Guardians which was placed behind – hiding behind the Archway. The two huge lion statues, which is made of concrete should be placed at front of the Archway instead of the hiding them behind the Archway. The statues have the potential to safe guard the Chi that enters the City but it is unable to utilize this Feng Shui enhancer as no blessings were done to the statues and they were placed at the wrong location. Thus, the good effect of the pair of Lions was diminished. Master Tham would like to remind all readers that statues of animals needed to be used correctly according to the Feng Shui’s location and the accurate precepts before placing them. The correct use of these statues can contribute to enhance the good Feng Shui of a particular location but a wrong usage could bring devastating effects.



According to Master Tham, the Archway Feng Shui is located at the number 1 where it will have fame, prosperity good luck and a very lively environment. Occupants in the city will definitely find a good living inside this city. However, 9 Flying Star Feng Shui changes according to time while the permanent and real Feng Shui properties such as the location, background environment and the Archway can almost last forever if no changes are to be made. If the Feng Shui of the Archway (Pai Fang) is bad, the young generation will migrate to other places to work and live instead of staying there. Master Tham added that the Feng Shui in London Chinatown is good. However, if the above four points were to be changed, the good Feng Shui of London Chinatown will be at its best potential and the residents will definitely have an extremely good future ahead.