Malaysia Feng Shui Master in France


palace-versailles-4_683790cThe Versailles Palace is one of the most prestigious, beautiful, largest and famous western palaces in the world. Situated in Versailles, France, this famous and grand palace have a total floor space of 67,000 metres square with 153 windows, 700 rooms, 6,123 drawings, more than 15,000 engravings, around 2,100 sculptures, and more than 5,100 furniture. In French, it was known as the Chateau de Versailles.


International Feng Shui Master Tham had inspected the Feng Shui of this particular palace during his official trip to investigate Feng Shui in Paris and he will share with you some concepts of Feng Shui that had adversely affected the miserable fate of King Louis XIV during the time when he stay in this palace.

According to history, the construction of the palace started during the reign of King Louis XIV. The King constructed a hunting lodge at Versailles which was later expanded into the magnificent palace we see today.

Although the palace has fantastic architecture, little people actually knew that the palace brings misfortune to its occupants and a huge chaos actually happened there because of the poor Feng Shui of this palace. The occupants which are King Louis XIV and his royal family faced terrible mishaps and a bitter fate because of the bad Feng Shui there.

A building’s Feng Shui depends on the flow of Chi and the Feng Shui factors of its surroundings, not the architecture or things decorated in it.

Master Tham said ‘As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover and never judge a building’s Feng Shui by whether the building is prestigious, beautiful, and impressive or not. A simple wood house in a rural area might have very good Feng Shui while a prestigious palace may have extremely bad Feng Shui that will bring misfortunes to the occupants there.’

As you continue to read on, Master Tham will explain to you some of the miserable events that happened to King Louis XIV and his surroundings as well as what factors of Feng Shui that had caused all these misery events.



The Versailles Palace was built in Versailles at the East of Île-de-France Region with valuable resources and expensive bricks. However, the magnificent palace that was built with all these expensive resources cannot help to maintain the King’s position because of the poor Feng Shui location and unsupportive geographical conditions which disrupt suitable and good Chi flow. King Louis XIV suffered tremendous mishaps. According to history, he was overthrown and his monarchy was abolished. To make matters worst, he was executed by his own citizens and was beheaded in 1793. Master Tham said ‘Feng Shui can influence anyone’s fate, including the King. The King will face a lot of obstacles as there are no supportive mountains to help him.’

There are no supportive mountains behind the palace (Kau Shan in Mandarin) to help the King as the geographical condition of the location is nothing but a flat swamp land with no mountains behind. Therefore, the good Chi flow will flow pass the palace without staying in the palace. Good events will happen for a while but will never stay long as they come and go. It is not permanent and will soon be very bad after the good Chi had gone away.


King Louis XIV enjoyed a good life during the early years when he occupied the newly built palace before the mishaps happen. The palace was guarded by more than 4000 soldiers and 4000 cavalry units. The King also invited his entire royal family to stay in the magnificent palace. The total occupants of the palace was estimated to be 36, 000 people which includes the King’s entire royal family, ministers, body guards, as well as servants and workers. The King renovated the palace in four campaigns at the wrong time and disrupted the good Chi flow. As a consequence, the good Chi flows out faster and earlier. The King’s position started to be instable and threatened by various people.


After the renovations, the good Chi had already flowed out as there are no supportive mountains to trap the good Chi flow. The middle of the palace has a hunting lodge that have a lot of Killing Energies known as Sha Chi in Mandarin. The Yin and Yang energies are unable to accumulate inside due to this Sha Chi. Therefore, harmony effects is definitely not possible to happen in the palace. Master Tham had always advised his clients not to kill as it will bring a lot of Sha Chi. In most religion and cultures; most of them too, forbid taking life without reasons. We were taught to respect all types of living things. The Sha Chi accumulated in the hunting lodge during the early years started to flow out and absorbed by the occupants of the palace where no good Chi flow is able to block and stop them from flowing out. The King started to face more and more problems. He also begins to have illness frequently.

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International Feng Shui Master Tham continues to investigate the Feng Shui of the palace by checking all the four major sections of the palace. The outcome of the Master’s investigation was dreadful. The four sections were built facing the wrong directions. More over, each sector’s length was unbalanced. The road going towards the palace at the frontier has a shape of a bow and an arrow pointing towards the palace. This directs Sha Chi towards the palace. Literally, the palace resembles a disabled bird with uneven wings that will be very soon hit by the arrow aiming on it.

Refer to the diagram and picture below to have a clear understanding of this concept.

Please note that the palace has unbalanced sectors that resemble a disabled bird and the road towards the palace resembles an arrow head aiming at the palace.

The French Revolution happened and the monarchy was dissolved. The King feared that his royal family might be harmed and he ordered his family to be evacuated to Tuileries Palace. He also ordered all the furniture (which numbers a few thousands) of the palace to be transported to Tuileries Palace. However, he was unable to do so as the Mayor of Versailles and the municipal met to draft a letter to Louis XVI in which they stated that if the furniture was removed, it would certainly precipitate economic ruin on the city. A deputation from Versailles met with the king on 12th of October after which Louis XVI, touched by the sentiments of the residents of Versailles, rescinded the order.

The King’s miserable fate comes to an end in 1793. He was stripped off his titles on 21st of January and beheaded on the same day. The saddest part is, he was only 33 years old when he died. This proves how powerful Feng Shui is. Good Feng Shui can make the occupants of a particular place to enjoy a long and healthy life, free of problems and worries, becoming richer as well as bringing good luck and happiness. However, Bad Feng Shui can cause the occupants to face disasters, bad luck, short life with a lot of illness, mishaps, accidents and even leaving the family with no descendants.


The furniture of the Palace was put up for auction the same year the King was executed. Only particular items with artistic value were exempted from the auction and the rest were to be sold out. Even the metal statutory in the Garden of Versailles was sent to the foundry and was made into a canon. The palace was made into a museum for people to visit and no one was occupying the palace until the very present day.



The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous structures in the world. At a height of 324 metres, it was the tallest building in the world from 1889 to 1930. The tower is the tallest building in Paris and the most visited paid monument in the world where millions of people ascended the tower every year. The tower had become the most prominent symbol of both Paris and France.

The Eiffel Tower was named after its engineer, Gustave Eiffel. This is a must visit place for everyone, be it old or young. Taking a wedding photo under the tower is every girl’s dream and would be their most precious moment in their life. Master Tham said that the Feng Shui of this building is superb. Master Tham said, “If the Feng Shui of Eiffel Tower is not good, will there be such tremendous amount of visitors to this place every day? This is one of the miracles of Feng Shui.”



Normally, Feng Shui is associated with high mountains and water such as rivers and lakes. Therefore, some Feng Shui theorists stated that flat lands do not have good Feng Shui because there is a lost in Yang element. However, Master Tham clarified that Paris is having a unique Flat Land Feng Shui. The flat land ease the distribution of Chi flow as the location is favorable and unique.



There is actually a Kau Shan (supportive mountain) in Paris despite its flat land. Master Tham pointed out that the Eiffel Tower is the Kau Shan (supportive mountains) of Paris. Therefore, the Kau Shan (supportive mountains) brings the liveliness and fame to Paris. It also holds the good Chi and distributes it to its surroundings. Since the Eiffel Tower’s location is favorable – being in the centre of Paris City, it is able to spread good Chi to the entire city.



Master Tham also stated that the element of the Eiffel Tower is Fire. It gives warmth to its citizens and brings luck and wealth to the country. Besides, it is like a ‘Torch’ of Paris where it will brings a lot of improvements and developments to the City Of Paris. According to Master Tham, the tower was also erected at the correct sector. This is the reason whyParis has great influence in world politics, education, entertainment, median, fashion, science and arts.


Master Tham stated that, although the Feng Shui of Eiffel Tower is good, everyone should take note that the Feng Shui of Eiffel Tower would change between the years of around 2012. Engineers will have to repair the tower to prevent any mishaps. This is because there is a bit of negation in the Chi structure during those years.