Malaysia Feng Shui Master in Italy




The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Piazza del Duomo (“Cathedral Square”) – a wide, walled area at the heart of the city of Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. It was recognized as one of the main centers for medieval art in the world. Although the tower is slanted, the Feng Shui of this particular tower is very unique. Whenever there is someone who visited Italy, they will think of this tower. It had been one of the most popular landmarks in Italy. Visitors will normally take photos with the tower.

The tower is white in color, and there are almost 300 steps leading to the top of the tower. Literally, wealth, luck, precious gold and silver will fall from the sky into the Pisa Tower. The Feng Shui of the tower is considered unique as according to Feng Shui principles, if a particular building is unstable or slanted, the Feng Shui of the same particular building is bad. This is because an unstable or a slanted building will be unable to receive positive Chi directly. It may receive bad Chi as well if the geographical environment is bad. Therefore, the Feng Shui of Leaning Tower of Pisa is supposed to be bad. However, when International Master Tham visited his client in Tuscany, he paid this tower a visit to inspect the Feng Shui there. He was amused by the unique Feng Shui there. He finally concluded that the Feng Shui of the Tower is good due to some hidden reasons.




When they build the tower during the early stages, there are a few events that occurred. In 1855, the clock tower was built until the 4th floor. However, the foundation of the tower, which is purely earthen soil starts to get loosen. The Tower then started to get slanted and thus, had its direction changed. The tower then faces towards the South-East. The construction was stopped immediately when it happens and was delayed temporary. A multinational task force of engineers, mathematicians and historians gathered on the Azores Islands to discuss stabilization methods. Many methods were proposed to stabilize the tower. They use lead counterweight blocks to stabilize it. The final solution to prevent the collapse of the tower was to slightly straighten the tower to a safer angle – by removing tones of soil from the higher area to stabilize it. In 1987, the tower was declared as part of the Piazza del Duomo UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1990, after over two decades of stabilization studies, the tower was closed to the public. The bells were removed to relieve some weight, and cables were cinched around the third level and anchored several hundred meters away. Apartments and houses in the path of the tower were vacated for safety. After a decade of corrective reconstruction and stabilization efforts, the tower was reopened to the public in 2001, and was declared stable. The main entrance of the Cathedral Square is sitting at卯facing酉.


International Feng Shui Master Tham said that ‘If a residential building is slanted or unstable, the Feng Shui is not good for the building. However, this is only a brief perception as other things needed to be taken into consideration.’ Master Tham added that there are no residents who are staying in the Tower. If there are occupants in the tower, the occupants will face terrible mishaps – provided if their birth dates are not compatible with the location. Beside the Pisa Tower there is a church named Duamo Cathedral. The church used to be famous for its baptism activities. According to Master Tham, the Feng Shui of the location is complex but the environment is good as the religious building next to the tower brings Yin energy to the slanted tower.


The location is favorable and full of lively Chi. There is a beaufitul river with crystal clear waters that attracts positive and lively Yang Chi to the Cathedral Square. The river has sparkling waters during the noon and night.  The name of the river is known as Arno River – that connects the sea to the inner part of Tuscany. The tower is sitting at the 辛 direction, facing towards 乙 direction.  The river acts like a wealth agent, pulling fame, wealth, luck and lively Chi directly to the Pisa Tower as it was flowing directly from the 乙 direction. This is the reason why a lot of people visited this area, be it tourists or citizens as the Chi of the area is very lively. Besides, the Cathedral acts as a supportive mountain starting at the year 1855, when the tower became slanted. This is due to the reason the height was reduced significantly enough for the tower to receive help from the Cathedral to hold the good Chi. Master Tham added that any attempt to repair the tower to be straight again will be difficult.  However, Master Tham pointed out that, the good environmental Feng Shui will change in the next three centuries, as the geographical condition of the earth will change in about 300 years. The fate of the tower and the Cathedral Square might be bad if the Feng Shui changes in the future.


The Cathedral building behind the Pisa Tower is also a supportive landmark. It resembles an aeroplane which brings in tourists to the Cathedral Square. It enhance in bringing in tourists as the Lively Chi was further intensified by this structure. Therefore, this is another reason why the Cathedral Square is always full of people.





Rome is well known with all its beautiful fountains. Among all the beautiful mountains, the most well known and attractive fountain is The Trevi Fountain which was built in the 16th century. The Trevi Fountain is located in the Trevi Rione inRome, Italy. The fountain is the largest Boraque (a prominent artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century) fountain in the city. It is one of the most famous fountains in the world.

Usually, the tourists will make a wish there. It has the shape of a dragon boat where it is believed to be very prosperous. There is a Feng Shui percept, where ‘when there is a Green Dragon on the left and a White Tiger on the right, with a supportive mountain (Kau Shan), the location will be very auspicious’. Master Tham pointed out that its left side is lower than the large building on the right side. This is the reason why a lot of people pay attention to the fountain. Money flows in from all directions around the world. Thus, it brings wealth and fame to Italy.

There are a lot of interesting things to look for in Italy. There are famous delicacies such as handmade pizzas, excellent pastas, and a variety of famous Italian dishes. Italy is also famous for its football team and fantastic sceneries. Besides, the ancient city of Rome is famous for its Renaissance and Boraque architecture and this has drawn visitors from all over the world. Everyone who went to Italy will try their best to have fun and take pictures during their visit to this famous fountain in Rome but there will be no one who will purposely go there just to study the secrets of Feng Shui behind it.



The Trevi Fountain is estimated to be 85 feet high and 65 feet wide. During Master Tham’s visit to Rome in Italy, he purposely visited Trevi Fountain to study the Feng Shui there.

The Trevi Fountain has a nick name, which is the Wishing Fountain. The sculptures engraved on the fountain were magnificent. It was said that people were drawn to this fountain because of its splendid architecture design and sculptures. It was widely believed that by throwing a coin to this fountain may bring good luck and romance. However, Master Tham has his own unique way of viewing this particular fountain.

Master Tham said that the fountain has a dragon head and tail. It is situated in a location where there is ‘A Green Dragon on the left and a White Tiger on the right’. There is also a very big building behind the fountain that symbolizes a very stable and strong Kau Shan (supportive mountain). The water of the fountain that runs smoothly into the pond symbolizes a lively dragon swimming inside the pond which is an auspicious sign.



Master Tham also pointed out that the Trevi Fointain is one of those that has a unique Feng Shui architecture. Behind this fountain stood a large and tall Kau Shan (supportive mountain). The Yin and Yang Chi is very compatible here as the entire good Chi produced by the fountain were circulated together to bring wealth to Rome.

The dragon head explained earlier is leading towards the president’s residential area. This will create a prosperous Chi energy for Italy. This is the reason why Italy’s commerce, trading and tourism sectors are all well known in the world.

Today, the Trevi Fountain became a major tourist spot. A lot of people will throw coins into the fountain to wish for something they wanted. The fountain was estimated to receive 3,000 Euro Coins each day. The money received by the fountain was used to subsidize a supermarket for Rome’s needy.

In conclusion, Master Tham said ‘If there is no good Feng Shui features here, who would go and visit??!’