Malaysia Feng Shui Master in Switzerland




The Rhine Falls was formed thousands of years ago and it was located at the High Rhine near Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland. The waterfall has a very strong current and is unable to be climbed by any type of fish, except eels that are able to worm their way up through the rocky grounds underneath the strong currents. TheRhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe.

International Feng Shui Master Tham explained that the Chi along the waterfall is very strong. However, the Feng Shui differs along the river. If you pay this splendid waterfall a visit, you will be able to witness the crystal clear water and feel the freshness of the water there. The Rhine Falls is an extraordinary waterfall. Besides being a beautiful landmark, it attracts people to visit continuously. Master Tham added that if you pay the waterfall a visit at the Rheinfall site, you will be able to see the Schloss Worth Castle a few miles away. There are also superb observation decks that were built along the waterfall. The Feng Shui of the waterfall is unique and good.


The Rhine Falls were formed during the last Ice-Age when most of the Earth’s surface is changing approximately fifteen thousand years ago. It was formed through erosion of rocks narrowing the riverbed. The first glacier proceeds to create today’s landform about 500,000 years ago. According to Master Tham, the river used to flow towards the West from Schaffhausen. However, it’s course was changed towards the Southwest presently from Schaffhausen when a new channel was formed.


If there is a residential building (mainly houses) that were built at front of a waterfall, the Feng Shui depends on the particular river or water streams that flows from the waterfall. Generally, if there’s a residential house that is facing a river that flows directly towards the house in great force without acceptable curves, then the Feng Shui of the particular house will be bad. The occupants will face mishaps and accidents, even if they could have great wealth. On the other side, if there is a river with curves or it will stop at a lake and is compatible with the occupants, most likely a residential house that was built near it will enjoy good Feng Shui, provided the location and environment is good. Master Tham said ‘The reason why rivers with curves are good is because Chi is able to be accumulated and flow out slowly, smoothly and steadily.’ Master Tham added that deepness and the strength of current had to be taken into consideration as well. If the life charts of the occupants are compatible with the location near the river, the occupants will have a good life. The Feng Shui will be extremely ‘lively’ and good. However, Master Tham reminded that Feng Shui is not easy and a lot of things had to be taken into consideration, and not by just judging the river alone. A lot of Feng Shui Masters judge a river without considering its width distance, forces, landscaping, the building structure, and especially the its compatibility with the occupant’s birthdates and time. A wrong inspection of Feng Shui or judgment will create errors that will bring terrible mishaps and disasters to the occupants.


At the Rhine Falls, the left side of the waterfall resembles a dragon while its left resembles a white tiger. The mouth of the waterfall has a large blocky stone that resembles a phoenix while the back resembles a tortoise. Master Tham explained that this unique typical waterfall has a bright future. The shape of dragon and tiger bears the meaning of power and prosperity while the tortoise bears the meaning of long life. The mouth of the waterfall with the shape of a flying phoenix bears the meaning of a bright future. Master Furthermore, the river of the waterfall was connected to a few lakes. These lakes are like safety deposit boxes that stores the good Chi that flow throughout the waterfall. If there are developments along the lakes, the good Chi will be there – waiting to be extracted. However, although the good Chi is available, it doesn’t mean it can be extracted just like that. The Feng Shui of a particular house or building near it needed to be remedied first and adapted to its features in order to receive the good Chi. The waterfall gushes down extremely fast, making a strong current for the river. The river will enter the lakes fast, but will leave the lakes or curves slowly. This means that good Chi and wealth will flow in fast, but flows out slowly.


In the middle of the Waterfall, there are two huge stones that were formed naturally. The stones were standing about five meters tall. Master Tham said ‘These two stones acts as Lion Statues that can protect the good Chi flow. They are able to diverge bad Chi away, and this helps to filter bad Chi away from flowing through the waterfall.’ Therefore, it will have peace, prosperity and liveliness.