Master Tham invited at Resorts World Sentosa

Master Tham Kuen Wei and his grand Master co-father, Master Stanley Tham was invited to conduct an onsite consultancy for Genting Group.

The engagement, which involves Astrology and Advisory as well as a talk was conducted specially for over 200 people. Many had benefited from the astrological insights, having over 90% to 99% rated the astrology as helpful, extremely accurate and insightful.

The astrological readings are done by Master Tham Kuen Wei, with his Grand Master as a supervisory role. Here’s what people have to say about Master Tham Kuen Wei:-

“Master Tham Kuen Wei gives me a 95% accuracy on my life, personal relationship, problems and challenges. 5% is because the future has yet to come. This is probably the most accurate Master I had seen. Overall, this is excellent!” – Mr Hoo Keng Thiam, Singapore

“Very Accurate and Precise. Helpful indeed!” – David

“2 Words to describe Master Tham Kuen Wei; Good and Precise!” 

“Very Accurate” – Coco Li, Singapore

“Helpful, accurate, precise and friendly.” 

“Very interesting. Good to know the negatives early to keep that in mind.” 

“Extremely accurate and helpful” 

“Accurate, insightful and helpful” – Ms Pek Xue Lian, Singapore

“Accurate and super good service! I have unpleasant experience with Feng Shui masters before, but Master Tham Kuen Wei is SUPER ACCURATE!” 

“Correct and very thankful to Master Tham Kuen Wei” – Mr Tan Boon Luan, Singapore

“I give Master Tham 10 out of 10. Very sincere, very accurate and very well explained. Insightful and pleasant advise.” – Alvin Tan, Singapore

“Very sincere, detailed and accurate. Not like other masters who guess here and there.” – Jessie Goh, Singapore

“Friendly, Jovial and a joy to meet Master Tham” 

“Extremely satisfied” – Judy Lee

“Good fortune telling skills and informative!” – Joseph Poh, Singapore

“Very accurate! I will give 9 out of 10” – Ms Tung, Singapore

“Feedback to Master Tham Kuen Wei: very good astrology and good advise. I give him 98% out of 100%.” 

“99% out of 100%” – Mr Robert Kok

“Thank you Master Tham for the guidance on my life chart. 90% out of 100% very accurate!” 

“Master Tham is very helpful and gives good advise” – Wayne, Singapore

“Accurate and good! 90% out of 100%!!!” – Sim Siew Peng, Singapore

“Thank you Master Tham Kuen Wei! You are superb!”

“Good! 90% accurate out of so many issues!!!” – Mr Low Seow Tong

“Excellent Astrology I have ever seen. 90% accuracy, it seems as if Master Tham Kuen Wei had known me for 20 years! – Sally, Singapore

“Very accurate and good! I give Master Tham Kuen Wei 10 out of 10!” – Ms Kelly, Singapore

“Pretty accurate analysis. I give Master Tham Kuen Wei 90% out of 100%!” – Mr Yeo Kee Lin, Director, Singapore

“Accurate, informative and helpful!” – Adel Woon, Singapore

“I find Master Tham Kuen Wei very accurate and straight to the point!” – Kliff Ang, Singapore

Master Tham Kuen Wei said “I am extremely grateful to my Master and Father who had given me the necessary training throughout all the years. I am glad that all my readings had been able to help and enlightened many others, to enhance their life and undertakings. I will follow Master Stanley Tham’s steps to continue to serve the public, and to uphold the highest level of professionalism and integrity.”

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