Wat Wan Nak Care Jatukam, Khun Pean & Kumantong

Mass consecration of Jatukams and other amulets such as Khun Pean and Kumantong at Wat Wan Nak Care performed by the powerful and well-known Arjans and Lum Pors. All these photos are originally supplied by the temple, Wat Wan Nak Care. These photos showed not only the power of Jatukam appearing but also Lum Por Kiu.

Master Tham was lucky that the resident monks leaded him to visit the site of Lum Por Kiu. His sacred body mass was a composition of earth aging more than 2000 years. Not everyone is allowed to enter as this sacred place is tightly guarded.
The Jatukams and other Khun Pean and Kumantong Amulets as appeared below were made at the above several mass consecrations of the this temple. All of them were sold off immediately upon its final mass consecration. Master Tham just manage to get some of them from the temples which collectibe and very sought after amulets. There are as follows:-