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This amulet is made by my very famost master, Arjan Artun for repairing and erecting of temple.  Every day, there are cars, vans, pick-ups, motorcycles, etc, lining up to get blessing from this famost month. Like LP Kai, this LP is also known as ‘The Golden Mouth’ monk because when people seeking his help and blessing, when he said you are OK – you are OK!  About ten yeas ago all this amulets were sold out immediately upon its consecration.  He would complete this daily routine from about 6.00 a.m. until 11.45 a.m. daily. Then he would be fully busy in other events until 7.00 p.m.

Many people who wear this amulets realised that they are well protected in whearas accidents when such unforseen serious accidents occured.  Those who possess it also realised their life and finance are improving daily in every way.

Since I have some, I am pleased to release it to anybody who could appreciate this priceless amulet.

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Master Tham and its famous master, Arjan Artun.

The picture would shown you how famost  my master,  Arjan Artun  is when every day as from early morning people were alrealy waiting for him to seek his blessing of their various types of vehicles.