Luang Pu Thuat (2538) By Lp Chiam Liang – Wealth, Luck & Protection


– With casing
– Diameter: 3 cm x 2.5 cm
– Weight: 25 g
– 胶盒
– 直径:3 公分 X 2.5 公分
– 重量:25 克

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A rare edition of Lumpor Tort made in 2538 (year 1995 by Luangpor Chiam Liang) 16 years ago before he passed away in the same year.

“ LUANGPOR CHIAM LIANG ” 圆寂於 1995 年也就是泰历 2538 年。当时“ LUANGPOR CHIAM LIANG ” 还未圆寂之前,创造了一批 “ LUMPOR TORT  ”佛牌。

Luangpor_Chiam_Lian.jpg - 17.30 Kb              Luangpor-Chiam-Lian-at-work_1.jpg - 17.73 Kb

Above Left:-Lungpor Chiam Liang. Notice the source of light appears on his right.

Above Right:-Lungpor Chiam Liang making his final batch of  real and priceless LP Thuat amulets  for us before he passed away.on 2538  (1995).

右上角 :“ LUNGPOR CHIAM LIANG ”在泰历 2538 年 ( 1995 年 )未圆寂之前,制造最后一批“ LUMPOR TORT ”佛牌。

destroyed-mould_1.jpg - 11.40 Kb

 The destroyed mould of the rare Lumpor Tort  2538 amulet.

“ LUANGPOR CHIAM LIANG ”未圆寂之前,已把制造这泰历 2538 年“ LUMPOR TORT ”的模型毁灭了。从此,再也没有这恩品了。

iundecayed_body.jpg - 11.89 Kb      master___body.jpg - 43.42 Kb

Master Tham standing beside the casket of  LP Chiam Liang. The  famost LP body did not decay due to his power.

谭师父与圆寂后的“ LUANGPOR CHIAM LIANG ”金身合照。他的金身不腐,主要原因是他的法力无边。

master___placenta.jpg - 36.10 Kb            master-&-tree_1.jpg - 65.95 Kb

Above Left:-Master Tham visited the sacred birth place of Lumpor Tort at  Suanchan Village. He first visited the sacred  tree where Lumpor Tort’s mother burried his placenta under the tree as shown above.

Above Right:- Master Tham underneath the sacred tree “Maa” Tree, situated at Songkla district. This is the tree where Lumpor Tong’s parents made a cradle, tied between two branches for him to sleep when they gone to work at the paddy field. This was when a huge cobra came and cuddled him. His parents was very shocked and shouted. They was afraid that the cobra might harm him. They begged the cobra to go away. When the cobra left, Lumpor Tort’s mother noticed that there were the cobra’s saliva on his chest. The saliva later turned into a sacred crystal which is now appended at Wat Pak Khoh.

左上角 : 谭师父首次亲临参拜“ LUMPOR TORT”的出世地方 ( SUANCHAN VILLAGE )。      其母把他的胎盘埋葬在树底下。

右上角 : 谭师父站在位於“ SONGKLA DISTRICT ”的“ MAA ”树下,也就是“ LUMPOR TORT ”是婴儿的时候,因为他的父母要去稻田工作,所以把摇篮绑在这树底下让他躺下。这时候忽然出现一条莽蛇卷其身。他的父母非常惊惶和大声喊叫,恐怕这蟒蛇会伤害他,所以便祈祷大树神灵赶走这蟒蛇。当这蟒蛇逃走后,其母亲发现有一颗明珠 ( 蟒蛇的垂液 )在婴儿的身旁,非常辉煌灿烂。现今此颗明珠安置於“ WAT PAK KHOR ” 庙里。

master____snake.jpg - 40.03 Kb

Master Tham and the cobra statue cudling Lumpor Tort.  When the cobra left LP Tort, LP Tort’s mother the copra’s saliva were left on to the chest of LP Tort which changed into a sacred crystal.  When LP Tort grown up his parents give back the sacre pearl to him for his own keeping.  This sacred crystal is now kept in Wat Pa Khoh.

谭师父与卷“ LUMPOR TORT ”的蟒蛇合照。

         master-&-gem_1.jpg - 30.01 Kb                sacred_gem.jpg - 10.71 Kb

Above Left:- The sacred crystal left by the cobra’s saliva when Lumpor Tort was still a baby when his mother found out.

Above Right:- Master Tham and the sacred crystal which is now situated in Wat Pak Khoh.

Master Tham had taken photos with the current abbot of the birth’s village of Lumpor Tort where he got some limited edition of the above 2538 Lumpor Tort amulets made by the late Lungpor Chiam Liang back to Malaysia. This is a very rare and priceless Lumpor Tort amulet which you cannot find in the market. You can only find such valueble amulet once in a life time.

Since this very rare LP Thuat made by a famost and powerful master is flat  and light it is easy to wear or simply just slip into your poket or poket diary for protection whenever you go.

It is especially well known good for protection agains accidents, evil spirits and enhance one luck and prosperity.  It is very limited and for the benefits of others, Master Tham is willing to part some of them to those who know how to appreciate this rare amulet.

左上角 : 这颗明珠是蟒蛇的垂液形成的。“ LUMPOR TORT ” 婴儿的时候,其母亲发现这颗明珠在他的身旁。

右上角 : 谭师父在“ WAT PAK KHOR ” 庙里与明珠合照。

谭师父也有在这圣地奉请由已圆寂“ LUANGPOR CHIAM LIANG ”制造泰历 2538 年“ LOMPOR TORT ”的佛牌。这“ LOMPOR TORT ” 佛牌在市场上很难寻找,是一个非常稀有和一生中难求的珍藏品。

这枚“ LUMPOR TORT ” 佛牌不但法力强劲,而且还很薄和轻。这枚佛牌可以佩戴在口袋或裤袋里,无论去到任何地方都可保佑您出入平安。