Wat Pak Nam (2538) Made 1995 (13 Years Ago) – Gold Colour, Top Ten Temples Of Thailand


– With original box
– Diameter: 1.8 cm x 2.5 cm
– Weight: 20 g

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This amulet was made by Wat Paknam in 1995 by the top ten temples in Thailand.  Wat Paknam’s amulets is well known for protection and we managed to get some from the said temple.  It is also a worthwhile collectible item.   It is not easy to get genuine amulet of Wat Paknam in the market.  ALL our amulets or Takrut are 100 genuine.

这佛牌创造於 1995 年,它是一个很稀少的珍藏品。本公司的存货有限。此佛牌可以保佑降头不侵和避险,同时也能够带来健康,加强人缘,好运,提升福运以及工作顺利。此佛牌的创始者於 WAT PAK NAM 庙。

Since this amulet is made of  plated gold colour or copper and light it is also suitable for children to wear for their protection and safety.  Master Tham recommended this amulet is very suitable any one to put into  their pocket purse or slip it into pocket diary or wear by children.

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Above Left: Master Tham ini Wat Pak Nam.

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Above Left: Wat Pak Nam.

Above Right: Master Tham studying fengshui in Wat Pak Nam.

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Lumpor Soot of Wat Pak Nam

What other said:-

1)  Thank-you so much for your advise in wearing an amulet of Wat Paknam by my child.  Through your prediction about my child would be meet an imminent serious accident, it really happened in the school on the date you prepredicted.  He was been accidently pushed by the other schoolmate into the drain.  Luckily with the protection of the amulet he only suffer some minor bruises in his head.       – Slyvia & Family, K.L.-

2)  Thank you so much for providing me with the real amulet of Wat Paknam.  In the past I have been getting only the immitation.  My luck and health have improved and lately avoided being injured from a very bad accident.  This amulets worthiness could not been compare to the small token of money which I have contributed.  Thank-you so much for providing me with such a wonderful amulet. –  K.H.TAY, MALACCA –