Wat Sor Tong (2539) – Ashes With Takru – One Of The Top Ten Temples Of Thailand


– Included with an iron casing
– Diameter: 2.5 cm x 3.5 cm
– Weight: 21 g

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This amulet is made by mass consecration of Wat Sor Tong, the top ten temples of Thailand in 1996. It is a rare collection and we mange to get some direct from the said temple.

这“ 拾到金 ”佛牌创造於 1996  年,它是用圣土制造而成的。此佛牌是非常稀少的珍藏品,本公司的存货有限。若是佩戴后,可以使人更加有信心,被受保护,带来好运,加强人缘,身体健康和工作顺利。

This amulet contains an additional very special takrut underneath it.

It can protect you over evil spirits and dangerous accidents. It gives you confidence and protection. It improves your luck, relationships, health, wealth and carreer. A worthwhile collectable amulets and a very good investment.

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The Golden statue in Wat Sor Tong.

What other said:-

1) I do not believe in wearing any amulets or talisman. After as advised by you to wear a Wat Sotong with a takrut I feel that it is not supertitious but it has help me overcome my stress because it enhance full cooperation and support from my partners, staff and clients. My life become more wonderful. I thank you Master Tham heartily for advising me to wear the amulets. – K.L. Au, Subang Jaya –

2) Thank you master for providing me with such a good Wat Sotong amulet. Wearing an amulet is like having a helpful person beside me whenever I go. My business and life have become for the better. Without such an amulet life for me would not be that easier as I have to face stiff business competion. – Y.B. Loke, Perak –