Wat Wan Nak Care Khun Paen (Brown) – With Gold Foil


– With original box
– Diameter: 3 cm x 5.5 cm
– Weight: 41 g
– 原装盒
– 直径:3 公分 X 6.5 公分
– 重量:41 克

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Mass consecration  of Jatukam amulets at Wat Wan Nak Care performed by the powerful and well-known Arjans and Lum Pors. All these photos are originally supplied by the temple, Wat Wan Nak Care. These photos showed not only the power of Jatukam appearing but also Lum Por Kiu.

这枚“ 拾到金 ”佛牌是出自泰国著名的庙 “ WAT WAN NAK CARE ”。此枚佛牌是由法力无边的圣僧和“ 龙婆 ”精心制造而成的。这些奇特的相片是在“ WAT WAN NAK CARE ” 庙里所拍的。这些相片不但只显示“ 拾到金 ”大显威灵,同时也显示“ LUM POR KIU ”的法力高深。

Master Tham was lucky that the resident monks leaded him to visit the site of Lum Por Kiu. Its body mass was a composition of earth aging more than 2000 years. Not everyone is allowed to enter as this sacred place is tightly guarded.

Khun Pean is an extreme version, the respectable amulets of charm and good fortune. These amulets were made from sacred powder and stones from Thai herbs and materials for eternal charms , good fortunes and protections.

During its mass consecration, the temple, Lum Por Por Kiu also appeared. This shows its sacred power which is worthy collectible amulets and a high rare item. Master Tham managed to get some from it’s amulets caretaker of the temple. It is limited in editions.

谭师父很荣幸,经过神僧的领导下能够前往拜访此庙的禁区。这禁区是“ 闲人免进 ”的,因为此处是 “  LUM POR KIU ”的金身藏身处。其金身是以圣泥土所堆积而成的,而且已超过2000 年了。

“ KHUN PEAN ” 是一枚很特别的佛牌,因为佩戴后可以保佑出入平安和提升财运。这枚佛牌是采用不俗的材料例如 : 舍利子,圣土,圣粉,草药粉等等制造而成的。

经过多次的开光和念经加持法会后,“ LUM POR KIU ”也显零。这表示此枚佛牌的法力强劲,是值得收藏这稀少的珍藏品。谭师父只有索取一些而已,如有兴趣者请立刻订购供奉。