Rare Studies 勘研真風水



 antiquity_1There are thousands of people who claimed to be Feng Shui Masters, but the truth masters are rare. In the whole wide world only a few! Yes it is true!

There are so many claiming as Feng Shui masters. Some designers & architects by applying certain Feng Shui designs, colour and shapes calling themselves as Feng Shui masters. Others when applying remedies learning from Feng Shui books also called Feng Shui masters. Whereas some who could applying the flying star and pak-chee (astrologers) which formally called fortune-tellers and palmistry also being now modernized by calling themselves as palmistry Feng Shui master pak-chee Feng Shui master and facial Feng Shui masters. Some soon having some of the knowledge taught by their so called Feng Shui master the method of placement and religious scriptures have also become Feng Shui masters. Various masters by placing of jargons, tools, talismans, charms and equipments at various property locations are called Feng Shui remedies! Such as legendary animals, wind chimes and crystals. Look around how many crystal shops is closing and changes owners. Even the crystal shop’s four walls full of crystal also cannot enhance the shop owner Feng Shui. World wide held classes and giving out certificates promises their students that they would become experts in this field after paying several modules at an exorbitant price!





Most of these so called masters and their qualified students claiming that their clients’ Feng Shui would be 100% guarantee enhanced or remedied if their properties been remedies by their expertise. Do they ever knows that no matter how good are their clients’ properties Feng Shui are, if their clients ancestor graves are with bad Feng Shui, such ancestor grave Feng Shui would also haunt their clients with disastrous and calamites. First of all, why they don’t mentioned about ancestor graves remedies. Where there is a need arises on ancestor graves remedies do they have such expertises?

Be watch out. All these fakes masters and students holding their lou pan would not be weed out. Just like direct selling they would multiply and spread like diseases. Yes, Feng Shui is now been vastly accepted in the globe but their standard have been degraded just because of so many trying to have a fortune from it. They are usually who can talk so well as the saying goes, “He cans even sweet talk to the birds which are high up in the trees to come down to him.”

These are ridiculous and irresponsible. What a pity!

It is my fervent hope that genuine old age Chinese Feng Shui masters would not retire but either come forward himself or recruit dynamic and outspoken students coming forward to speak openly about the trends of all these fakes’ masters . This also helps to avoid the ignorant been manipulated by all these fake masters and stop them from smearing the effectiveness of Chinese Feng Shui , especially prevent them from creating a mockery in the world of antiquity Chinese Feng Shui!






May I take this opportunity to advise those who are learning Feng Shui just because they wanted to defend themselves against mishaps and calamities. What Feng Shui manual you found in the market can only might solve some light and minor problems, but not the major problems. How long you take to search for the right Feng Shui manual to qualify? How sure you would be equipped with the secret of the Chinese antiquity Feng Shui that are effectives? As I have mentioned earlier, the powerful and potent of Chinese Feng Shui formulas are taught by the mouth in poetries only to a few trusted and loyal disciples. It would not be written in any book. In the past it didn’t. Now it also would not be written in any way. It is not like the hot cakes selling in the market. Don’t simply believe into what other promises you or simply because others have already involve in it. Wake up! Think deeply now! Have you ever thought of consult a truth master first to investigate and apply remedies to your house Feng Shui first before you carry on learning? I called this “Feng Shui insurance.” If you don’t have a proper Feng Shui insurance” you might heading for great troubles. With the truth “Feng Shui insurance” I strongly believe your chances of having good fortune and prosperity and a better life style.