Whitney Houston and Leslile Cheung in depression


Whitney Houston, who is one of the top pop queens had sold more than 170 million albums worldwide. However, little people know that she suffered from depression and personal struggles. She died of unknown causes on Feb 2012.

Her luck was extremely bad starting from 2005 where she faced disputes with her family members, where it led to a divorce in 2006.

Little people knew she was suffering quietly until the media revealed it. The worst thing is, she had no one to turn to and depend on when she went through hell.

The same thing happened to Leslie Cheung who suffered from depression quietly. Leslie was ranked as the 1st Most Favored Actor in 100 Years of Chinese Cinema in 2005 by China Television Central. He is one of the founding fathers to Cantopop and had contributed tremendously to the Chinese music arena.

Leslie, despite his fame and success suffered from depression quietly. He committed suicide on 1st of April 2003 and left a note – informing the public he was depressed. The note and his action shocked the Asian entertainment industry and news spread in extreme haste across Hong Kong, and Asian countries.

The death of Houston and Leslie are both a major loss to us. No matter a person who is rich, poor, famous, beautiful, ugly, intelligent or whatsoever, as long as there are people – there will be good and bad period of times where luck is not with us. There are times where we had bad luck afflictions that affect our mood, thinking and the things that happen around us.

During these bad periods, our bad luck might be worsen by the bad Chi where they present in bad feng shui neighbour hood or areas. When you are in depression or in bad luck, get someone to talk to and help you. Never live in depression alone as life is very wonderful. It is just that whether you are in a bad luck period or you are having bad Feng Shui. The best part of life had yet to come. It is recommended that you consult a real Feng Shui Master to assist you if you feel that your life always turn out to be disappointing. Consult a genuine and reliable Feng Shui Master. Do your homework and be choosy as your fate will be affected if you consult a fake Feng Shui Master.

Whenever you suffer any type of problems, forms of depression or disappointments, one should avoid committing into taking drugs, suicide, keeping to yourself or stay alone. Search for some one that you can chat with or a genuine professional Feng Shui consultant where it will assist you tremendously. Don’t forget that the best moments are still yet to come to us!

Although both of them is rich and famous, both left us because they don’t have ”helpful” people around them.
Hope this will provide a little advice to others. Whenever one who is suffering from bad depression or on the verge of committing suicide or taking drugs, never forget to consult or chat with other people that might be a great help to you such as your close one or even someone you have not been acquainted before such as a psychologist or a genuine and true prefessional Feng Shui Master! A little change at the spur of this mindful thought would give you that wonderful moment to find out not only how important your valuable life is, but especially how much the societies needed your support and how much we needed you to share our life and grow old with us!

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