Without Good Feng Shui

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Do you believe that Bad Feng Shui may also prevented a person from travel oversea during all these years. He would just keep on sloting all days long without any chance to free himself for a vacation.


As reported in the Sunday Star on 10th February, 2002 Britain’s Princess Margaret was born on Aug 21, 1930. The registration of her birth was held back several days to avoid being numbered 13. Just like many parents and individuals, whoever they are, but especially the rich and famous all of them have their own beliefs. If they just take their belief or a chance a little deeper to seek remedies in truth feng shui (see Note below) many of their problems (marriage, children, health, filial piety, etc.), calamities and mishaps would be avoided. They would have enjoy their life till to the end and full of happiness.

Master Tham applies only the true Feng Shui. His practice of feng shui do not require charms, talismans, praying or bell ringing. His practices is not in conflict with any religion. He uses only ancient Chinese compass known as Luo Pan to locate and remedy the best feng shui for you and your family. His practices had been highly praise and proven by fantastic testimonials.