Yin Feng Shui



There are two aspects of Yin Feng Shui we are talking about here, namely pre-need tombs (Sheng Ji) and Graveyard Feng Shui for those who had passed away (Yin Feng Shui). The usage of Yin Feng Shui and “Sheng Ji” or Sang Gei “生基” can be traced back to ancient China where the rich as well as the poor had been utilizing the great power of Feng Shui for their own good.

During ancient times and even in present, the Chinese communities strongly believe that it is extremely important to have graveyards constructed correctly in according to Feng Shui to avoid bad luck, mishaps and accidents. Nowadays, children who had grown up can buy these pre-need tombs for their parents or themselves or remedy the Feng Shui of Graves for their ancestors, grandparents or parents to enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui promptly. Yin Feng Shui can affect the descendants who are still alive. Should the Feng Shui of the Grave is bad, the descendants may face a lot of problems such as obstacles, sickness, divorce, financial problems, bad luck, failures and even death. When a person is faced with bad luck during their Bad Astrological Periods, the implications of Yin Feng Shui upon them would be worst. They will tend to have illness, risk of death, accidents, or disputes. They might face loss of wealth, have compulsive children or no descendants at all, face bankruptcy or divorce .
The usage of these tombs and Yin Feng Shui can bring tremendous benefits if the correct traditional “Gu Fa” Feng Shui procedures, methods, applications were done correctly. It helps the family and descendants by reversing negative Chi and change them into a prosperous one to enjoy good blessings, enhance prosperity, longevity,
good health, success, fame and happiness.



The golden wordings embossed on this Christian’s stye tombstone signified that the wife have passed away earlier than her husband, that is where her body was buried. The other side of wordings embodied in red signified that the husband is still alive, that is a “San Kee/Sheng Ji or pre-need Tombs”.

Chinese believed that human beings who have grown up children and could effort to purchase and construct their grave yards with good Feng Shui either for grand parents or parents who are still living could be beneficial to them as well as to their families. Usually such “San Kee/Sheng Ji” is constructed by the parents themselves or initiated by the grown up children. This” stand-by “grave yards are called “San Kee or Sheng Ji” is with filial piety intention. With its good Feng Shui he/she shall remains healthy, strong, free or recovered from sickness, long life, prosperous, happy and with great fortune to his/her off springs.

Good Pre-Need Tombs and Graveyard Yin Feng Shui can effectively bring good luck to the owner(s) as well as descendants of the particular person if it is correctly done. It is suitable for:-
1. Anyone who is suffering from illness and had the risk of death need pre-need tombs to overcome these harassment. Those who have poor health and accidents may be caused by ancestor’s grave bad Feng Shui.
2. Anyone who wants to prolong life.
3. Anyone who suffers a bad marriage or their children who are longing for true love or looking for a suitable marriage partner requires Pre-Need tombs and Yin Feng Shui with good Feng Shui energy to induce success into their love relationship.
4. People who face bumpy pathways with failures, obstacles or bad fortune need Yin Feng Shui to radiate positive energy into their life path.
5. Those with no prosperity in their business or on the verge of winding up or bankruptcy required Pre-Need tombs and Yin Feng Shui to reverse their bad situation and boost up their business as well as open up more opportunities.
6. Those who pestered with many differences, squabbles, arguments and fights to maintain peace, love and unity in the family.
7. Those who are yearning to have good sons-in-laws or daughter-in-laws as well as filial piety offspring require proper Yin Feng Shui to open up these golden opportunities.
8. Those who yearn for good accomplishments, good education, success, wealth, good health, fame, prosperity and good life style for their children and off springs.
9. Make your dreams come true for you and your children so that you can enjoy the happiness and success in life. Pre-Need tombs and Yin Graves with good Feng Shui will continually bring in Sheng Qi “生气” for success, wealth, good health and prosperity for yourself and your next generation.

2nd ADVICE:Do you know that if your ancestor graves had bad Feng Shui, no matter where and how far you distant yourself from them, its effects of its Bad Chi (i.e. Feng Shui) would still falls upon you? Please make sure you have sought the Master who practices the Truth and ratify your Feng Shui immediately!